11 Short Bob Haircut Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look


Your hair is an extension of your style, as it allows you to show off your personality and aesthetic, similar to your fashion choices. Getting a new haircut is one of the easiest ways to change your look up and embrace a new vibe or style. For anyone looking to give their hair a major chop, short bob haircuts are a trendy yet easy-to-manage look that’ll never go out of style. Just look at Hailey Beiber’s dramatic transformation.

Whether your hair type is wavy, straight, curly, or coily, there’s a bob hairstyle out there for you that’s sure to flatter. Not sure where to start? We spoke with editorial hairstylist Mariah Molina from Dop Dop Salon to discover the chicest short bob haircuts for fine hair, thick hair, and everything in between.

“The short haircut trending this year is also the most universal haircut for most face shapes, and it’s the french bob,” Molina tells POPSUGAR. “[It’s] a classic and iconic haircut that can be customized.” A french bob is characterized by its ultra-cropped length, typically hitting just below the ears. As Molina says, it’s on most people. “French bobs are great for fine hair because they are known to be light and fluffy with layering,” she adds.

No matter if you’re interested in a short layered bob haircut, an inverted bob, or a shaggy style with bangs, we rounded up options to inspire your next trip to the salon.


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