5 Ways to Boost Your Business’s Online Presence


Your business can have a tremendous physical presence, but more is needed to drive consumers to your doors. You also need an online storefront that resonates with existing customers and engages new consumers. So, how do you boost your online presence? Here are a few tips that can help.

It Starts With a Website

With a website, your company can connect with consumers. Social media platforms can only take your business so far, but you can let consumers know more about your goods or services with a website. It’s also an effective way to list your prices.

Even if you are new to creating a website, it is easier than you think. You can take advantage of several online website-building tools. They will walk you through all the steps necessary to build a website. However, you will need more than an online tool. Creativity is a must.

To capture online browsers’ attention, including your existing customers, you need an attractive website that’s easy to navigate. Consider using photos of your products to ensure the website is visually pleasing. If your company provides services, show them in action. For example, a house-cleaning company may want to feature a sparkling clean home as the website’s backdrop.

Including tabs at the top or side of the website’s homepage can make it easier for browsers to navigate between the pages. The last thing you want is for consumers to become frustrated with your website. It can hurt sales and your bottom line.

Get to Know SEO

SEO is the acronym meaning search engine optimization. In basic terms, SEO helps your website rank higher in online searches. These websites appear at the top of your search in part because of SEO. Several other factors come into play, but SEO is the primary one.

Using SEO involves creating engaging content and including specific keywords. It’s a good idea to research keywords about your industry. You can invest in a keyword optimization site or use one of the free online platforms. After typing in the product or service you are promoting, the site will give you a list of keywords. The keywords will be listed in ranking order, with the ones with the highest number of searches at the top.

How you use the keywords is essential. It will affect your website’s ranking. The keywords should be used naturally throughout the content. You want the keywords to fit naturally. Including relevant keywords in the title and meta description is also a good idea. It can help your site rank above your competitors.

Create a Content Schedule

While SEO is a crucial factor in your website’s online rankings, so is how often you add new content. You can have several pages of content, but your online presence can suffer if it’s several weeks old. Not only could your site drop in the rankings, but you are also less likely to keep your audience engaged. Optimally, you want to add new content at least once a week to keep your site fresh and entertaining. Creating a schedule for when new content should be posted is an easy and effective way to keep your marketing team on track.

Consider using guest posting. It involves opening your platform to writers outside of your in-house team. It gives your website a fresh voice and new insights that can keep online browsers engaged.

Some ideas for guest posters include industry experts, satisfied customers, and even writers used by your competitors. You may also want to become a guest writer on another website. You can link your guest article to content on your site. This is an effective way to attract more readers to your website. To keep it fair, allow the host site to include a link to its webpage as well.

Up Your Advertising with Emails

While there is a place for the postal service in your business, you need more for your online presence. Most print advertisements are never opened. Instead, they end up in the trash. Emails are an easy and effective way to reach your target audience. Best of all, an online email campaign is less expensive than print advertisements.

Creating an effective email campaign starts with an eye-catching tagline. You don’t want your emails in spam or trash folders. The frequency of your emails also matters. You may feel like you want to send only a few emails daily or during the week. Instead, create a schedule for the emails to go out. It can be once a week or even every other week.

When it comes to the content, keep it short and straightforward. Use emails to promote sales, a new product/service, or to advertise the addition of new goods.

Don’t Forget About Social Media Platforms

Even though social media can only do so much to boost your business’s online presence, you still want to pay attention to these platforms. Most of your audience is probably on sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Before you invest time and money boosting your business profile on social media sites, consider your consumer base. Platforms like Facebook typically resonate with customers of all ages, but it’s slightly different from Instagram. The majority of users on Instagram are around 30 years of age. If your products or services are geared toward a specific demographic, you can concentrate on the platforms they are more likely to use.

Keep the advertisements or content short and to the point when posting on these sites. Pictures are a great way to connect with consumers. You also want to encourage viewers to share your posts with their friend lists. Not only can it generate more interest in your business, but it can also add to your email list.

Summing Up

It’s a digital world, and your business needs a robust online presence. Maintaining your website should also be part of your advertising strategy. It can take some time and effort initially, but if you are consistent, it can increase sales and interest in your business.


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