Arizona Republicans Want To Guarantee Trump Wins the Election


Arizona Republicans introduced a resolution on Wednesday that aims to guarantee former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 election in the state by offsetting the removal of a Republican candidate in two other states.

Trump, the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, faces legal challenges that seek to remove him from the ballot in several states, with Colorado and Maine having already barred his name from the primary.

The lawsuits argue that Trump is ineligible to run under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which bars officials who have sworn an oath to the U.S. Constitution from holding office if they engage in insurrection.

Colorado’s highest court ruled in December that Trump had participated in an insurrection, relating to the events of January 6, 2021, when his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol during the certification of the results of the 2020 presidential election. However, the ruling is on hold pending an appeal in the Supreme Court as they will determine if Colorado has the power to strike Trump from the 2024 ballot.

Trump has maintained his innocence and said that he did not engage in an insurrection, accusing those filing lawsuits against him of attempting election interference.

On Wednesday, in response to the rulings in Colorado and Maine to remove the former president from the ballot, Republicans in the Arizona House of Representatives introduced a resolution that seeks to “change the manner of the presidential election.”

Donald Trump speaks in Conway, South Carolina, on February 10, 2024. Arizona Republicans have introduced a resolution on Wednesday that aims to guarantee Trump wins the 2024 election.


Newsweek has reached out to Republican Rep. Rachel Jones, whose name is mentioned in the resolution, and Trump’s campaign via email for comment.

According to the resolution, the change will come “by appointing the 11 presidential electors to the Republican primary winner to offset the removal of a republican candidate in Colorado and Maine.”

However, as reported by KPNX’s Brahm Resnik, who took to X, formerly Twitter, to note that the resolution would not carry any force of law because it is not a bill.

“ALERT For some Republicans at AZ Capitol, it’s still Jan. 6, 2021. #HCR2055 would let GOP-controlled Legislature hand election to Trump, damn the voters. Just a resolution, so no force of law. On House Elex Committee agenda at 2 pm Weds,” Resnik wrote on X.

In addition, Democrat Arizona Gov., Katie Hobbs will need to sign the “election reform measures” listed in the resolution, which include having a vote on election day only, a vote by precincts with identification and proof of citizenship, a hand count of ballots in each precinct, and ballot results reported from precincts with all signatures verified and without the use of machines and without mailed-in ballots except for absentee ballots.

Newsweek has reached out to Hobb’s office via email for comment.

The resolution continues to state that if Hobbs does not sign the measures the “presidential electors be appointed to protect the 2024 presidential election from another maladministered and illegally run election.”

There is no evidence that the 2020 presidential election in Arizona was “illegally run.”

The resolution will be reviewed by the House Election Committee on Wednesday.

The resolution comes as Trump issued a message last week following a Supreme Court hearing regarding the appeal of Colorado’s 2024 ballot decision.

“I heard, and I watched, and the one thing I’ll say is they kept saying about what I said right after the insurrection…which I think was an insurrection caused by Nancy Pelosi,” Trump told reporters outside of his Mar-a-Lago residence.

“If you take a look at my words right after, take a look at my speech from the Rose Garden…you’ll see very beautiful, very heartwarming statements.”

Trump continued, “I said peacefully and patriotically…take a look at the statements I made before and after, and you’ll see a whole different dialogue.”

Members of the Senate and House have backed Trump’s appeal to America’s highest court in the Colorado case, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.