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No matter how hard the media tries to spin him as ol’ Grandpa Joe, President Biden is not a nice man. Whether he’s lying about the truck driver involved in the accident that killed his wife and daughter, or about how his son Beau died, verbally abusing staffers, or just being horrible to people (including journalists!)

So it’s completely believable that he called Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu a ‘bad f**king guy.’

From the New York Post:

Joe Biden has privately ripped Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu as a “bad f–king guy” as the Gaza war rages and negatively affects the president’s reach with young voters, well-placed sources say in a new report.

Biden has grown suspicious of the Israeli prime minister as the conflict nears its fourth month, deriding Netanyahu with the comment and saying the PM is all too eager to drag the US into an all-out war against Iran-backed terror groups in the Middle East, sources who have talked with the president told Politico.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement that Biden has never made such a remark and that the president and Netanyahu enjoy “a decades-long relationship that is respectful in public and in private.”

Given what we know about Biden, who do you believe? Bates or his long history of being a jerk with a temper?


Pretty much their only driving force. Especially in an election year.

Netanyahu’s in good company then, we guess.

Dumping on one of our closest allies (allegedly) to appease the radical left.

He’s playing both sides of the fence, because that’s all he’s got.

He knows the Left base hates Israel, but he also knows polls show a plurality support Israel, especially after 10/7.

Exactly what we just said.

And yes, Fetterman does.

For someone as unprincipled as Biden, it apparently is.

The cheapest of suits.

Don’t try to make it make sense, you’ll give yourself a migraine.

It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask.

We all do.

Has Biden ever said anything like this about Iran?

Even the Left isn’t buying this.


Even though the notion this is ‘genocide’ is laughable.

He’ll throw anyone under the bus for reelection.

Questions that’ll never be answered, except by screeching ‘Orange Man bad!’


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