Biden Campaign Leaders Endure Hard-Hitting Interview With Biden’s Former Press Secretary – Twitchy


Pstate-run media Pstaged a Psitdown with a hard-hitting journalist. Yes, we’re talking about none other than former Biden White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.

Joe Biden has to be the most coddled president in history, and the media are shameless in their efforts to run cover for him.

You might think, that in the age of independent journalism, the press would work harder to prove they have something to offer. They’ve only gotten worse.

Psaki is essentially like any other employee who has ever experienced a company buyout or a management change. She’s still doing the same job – making excuses for Joe Biden – but a different person cuts her check.

We’re starting to think this comparison is not fair to garbage.

We probably should quit agreeing to call Democrat operatives ‘journalists’.

Democrats would describe it that way in other countries but whine about ‘attacks on the free press’ when we point it out in U.S. media.


Seriously, ‘Inside with Jen Psaki’ is a reasonably honest name for her show. They don’t even try to hide it.

Maybe they could have gone with ‘Jen Psaki: Insider’? How about ‘Still Inside with Jen Psaki’? Oh, we’ve got it! ‘Pravda’.

We’re sure they circled back on Biden’s many failures. Sure …

Bingo. Other media outlets had the opportunity to recognize the farce of Jen Psaki pretending to be a journalist when her MSNBC gig was first announced.

It’s a little late now.

That should do it!

‘Where I get crimson-haired press charmer?’

Strap in, folks. We have to deal with this for almost a year. Democrats can’t afford for anyone to get a peek behind the curtain at the current state of Joe Biden.

We like it, but we doubt WaPo’s going to adopt it.

We definitely don’t respect Democrats disguising themselves as journalists. Real journalists would actually have quite a bit of respect in this climate.

LOLOLOL! Okay, that’s funny.


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