Bills Fans Turned Shoveling Gig Into Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Sled Inside an NFL Stadium


You didn’t think Buffalo Bills fans were only going to shovel snow at Highmark Stadium while being paid $20 an hour to do so, did you? 

The Bills released an article on the team website on Friday asking the fanbase for help shoveling snow at their home stadium as the city of Buffalo continues to get hit hard by a massive snowstorm that postponed the team’s playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers until Monday. 

However, with a travel ban in place on Sunday, the Bills asked snow shovelers to abide by the mandate and wait to report to the stadium. 

Some Bills fans got started on shoveling on Sunday afternoon and footage quickly emerged of one fan who found a creative way to clear snow from the seats at Highmark Stadium. 

The fan, who opted to go shirtless, made Bills Mafia proud by seizing the opportunity to sled in an NFL stadium, turning himself into a human shovel in the process. 

Here’s another angle of the Bills fan’s slide down the seats. 

Only Bills fans, who are known for slamming their bodies into tables—whether they’re ablaze or extinguished—could shovel snow in this way. 

One thing is for sure. Bills fans are making the absolute most of these $20 an hour shoveling shifts. 


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