Bride Cheered for What She’s Making ‘Well Endowed’ Sister Wear at Wedding


A bride has been backed for telling her “well-endowed” sister that she has to wear a bra to her wedding.

In a Reddit post on the popular “AmITheA******” channel, user u/Technical_Weight4608 shared that she and her sister had got into an argument about the dress code for the upcoming nuptials.

“My sister is well endowed and hates bras,” the woman wrote. “When she’s wearing certain items like baggy T-shirts, it’s not so noticeable but in the dress—that she chose, I just gave her a color—she’s wearing in my wedding it will very very obvious she’s not wearing a bra. One wrong move and she could be flashing everyone.”

Upset at the idea of her wearing something “borderline inappropriate,” the bride asked her sister to wear a bra to the event and even offered to foot the bill for new lingerie if she needed it.

“I told her, let’s go shopping and she can try a bunch of different ones, I even found a boutique in our area because stores carry very few options in her size and said I’d pay for whatever she picked out,” she said. But her sister did not take it well.

“She’s saying I’m playing into sexist stereotypes,” the Redditor wrote. “I’m saying that there’s a good chance if you dance too hard in this dress your t**** is going to pop out and I don’t think that’s sexist.”

Award-winning personal stylist Lisa Talbot told Newsweek that “some women find wearing a bra to be very restrictive and would rather not wear one because of the feeling that it gives them. In some cases, it can give a lady a headache and make her feel generally unwell.”

Despite this, she explained that there are options for women who would rather avoid a bra.

“With many different styles of bra, both fabrics, wired or underwired they may be a compromise so that a lady feels more comfortable to wear a bra,” said Talbot. “I would recommend opting for a high support bra, nonvisible bras, or tape.”

In more than 1,900 comments, people on Reddit shared their thoughts about the outfit argument, and the majority were on the bride’s side.

“[Not the a******]. If she doesn’t want to wear a bra at an official event, she needs to choose the dress that allows it. If she chose the dress that is tight fit, thin, see through or with noticeable cleavage—she needs to wear a bra,” Redditor u/Ok_Yesterday_6214 wrote.

Stock image of a bride and a bridesmaid (L) and a close-up of an ill-fitted bra (R). A bride has been backed for asking her sister to wear a bra to her wedding.
shironosov/Doucefleur/Getty Images

Reddit user u/Zestyclose-Skirt-555 agreed, commenting: “Wearing a bra for a few hours is not the end of the world. Plus, I bet she’ll have more fun if she’s not having to worry about accidentally letting a nip slip during the vows.”

“Part of going to a wedding is dressing appropriately. If she’s one wrong move from a nip-slip, she’s not dressed appropriately,” said u/Natural_Garbage7674.

After receiving thousands of comments and suggestions for solving the conflict, the bride shared an update on her dilemma, explaining that it had nothing to do with the size of her sister’s chest, but rather her outfit choice.

“If she had smaller boobs, it wouldn’t be an issue with this dress. If she had small boobs and was wearing a dress that could expose said smaller breasts, I would still have an issue,” wrote the Redditor.

“I have decided I am just going to leave it alone,” she said.

Newsweek reached out to u/Technical_Weight4608 via Reddit for comment. We were not able to verify the details of this case.

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