Bride Gets Romantic With Husband at Wedding, and Then Realizes It’s Not Him


Many people feel that the speeches are the best part of a wedding day, but this bride could be mistaken for becoming too engrossed in the speeches to forget her surroundings.

Bayan Jablonski enjoyed every minute of her wedding on September 5, when she married her partner Dominik at Kualoa Ranch in Hawaii. When the time finally came for the speeches to be made, first up was a friend of the couple, before Jablonski’s sister took to the stage.

Jablonski, from Chicago, Illinois, explained she was “hand in hand” with her husband as they enjoyed the toasts, but she didn’t realize when he moved away because her eyes were “still lasered” on the stage.

“I didn’t realize my husband was being pulled away by his nieces and my eyes were focused on who was about to come up there and embarrass me during their speeches,” she told Newsweek.

Bayan Jablonski mistakenly hugging her brother-in-law, Tom, who was also the best man on the wedding day. Jablonski didn’t realize her boyfriend had walked away, so when Tom came nearby she assumed that was still her husband.
@bayjabs / @thesocialkay.weddings

“While my husband was being pulled back by his nieces, then comes my brother-in-law, Tom. The table I was standing next to in the video was where his assigned seat was. I felt someone next to me and thought it was my husband without looking.”

During the embarrassing mishap, Jablonski grabbed onto her brother-in-law’s waist as she didn’t take her eyes off the stage. It was only moments later when Tom spoke and she realized that it certainly wasn’t her new husband she was cuddling up to.

“I realized it wasn’t him when he started talking, I wish I could remember what he said. But the sound of his voice made me realize that it certainly was not my husband that I was holding onto, and I immediately freaked out and pulled away,” she continued.

Thankfully for Jablonski, none of the wedding guests saw her mistake as it happened, but her husband did catch on and watched it unfold. She admitted that Dominik was “watching the whole thing and couldn’t help but laugh” afterwards.

The “funny and bizarre moment” was caught on camera by the wedding videographer (@thesocialkay.weddings), meaning the couple could look back on the hilarious error and watch it happen again. Jablonski shared the clip on her TikTok account (@bayjabs) on September 19, and it’s already been viewed more than 5.7 million times.

Layered over the video, Jablonski wrote: “POV you think you’re being romantic and hugging your new husband during speeches, when it’s really the best man (his brother) standing next to you.”

Many social media users couldn’t get over the unfortunate mistake Jablonski made. The TikTok post quickly went viral and has generated more than 616,300 likes and 500 comments in a matter of days.

Since going viral, Jablonski said that the “social media responses have been mostly positive,” and many people even praised Tom for being so considerate to his new sister-in-law.

Jablonski continued: “It was a wholesome experience. I appreciate Tom for sticking by my side and offering the support that he thought I needed. It was a super emotional day. I’m using this experience to try and be his wing woman here because he deserves it.”

Among the hundreds of commenters on the video, TikTok user @bellabeegrace wrote: “But the way he respectfully had his hand on his hip when you had your arm on him.”

While @christinegraceb commented: “That’s so cute though. He definitely thought you just needed some support.”

Another comment, from TikTok user @ca_ocampo reads: “This is so funny. Will be the best memory lol.”

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