Bride’s Dress Malfunction Halfway Through Wedding Caught on Camera


Dramatic wedding video footage has captured the moment a bride’s dress broke halfway through her big day.

When it comes to a wedding, few things matter as much as the bride’s dress. According to a poll of nearly 12,000 people who got married in 2022, conducted by wedding planning company The Knot, couples splashed out an average of $30,000 on their big day.

Given that kind of outlay, it’s perhaps understandable that brides and grooms would want the day to go off without a hitch.

But, as the internet has highlighted time and time again, things can often go wrong at a wedding and the key is how we react to them.

Madison Shapiro’s wedding dress broke before she was due to dance with her father. The incident was caught on video.

That was certainly the case for Madison Shapiro when she married her husband Michael at Shepherds Run in Rhode Island last month.

A food content creator who runs the channel @sistersnacking with her siblings as well as her own lifestyle channel @madi_snacks, she told Newsweek her wedding was “the most perfect day.”

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In a video posted to the @madi_snacks TikTok channel, Shapiro shared a clip of the moment her dress broke halfway through the wedding. “I was showing off my dress and dancing for my friends and the strap just popped off, I was dancing and moving a little too much,” she said.

In that kind of scenario, many brides might have crumbled. Weddings are stressful scenarios with even the slightest of issues potentially derailing the carefully planned proceedings.

In a survey of 500 engaged or newlywed couples, conducted by Zola, 40 percent said they considered wedding planning “extremely stressful,” while 71 percent felt it was more nerve-wracking than many other major life events such as finding a new job.

When Shapiro’s dress broke, she had yet to do her father-daughter dance or the hora, which is an important part of any Jewish wedding reception.

But despite the setback, she had the best possible reaction in that scenario. “I was shocked but honestly didn’t care,” she said. “I was having the best day of my life!!”

Shapiro also had the best combination of friends and wedding planner to deal with the problem in the short term. “My party planner, Nancy (Amazing Celebrations) was right there and got pins and pinned it but that didn’t stop so my sister-in-law Anna and my sister’s girlfriend Tessa helped sew me right up while I sat at my seat,” she said.

Madeline Shapiro's wedding dress broke.
The wedding dress had to undergo emergency surgery. Shapiro has some advice for any future brides out there.

The temporary fix worked a charm. “I was able to do my father daughter dance, do the hora and then I had an extra dress to change into so I changed in about an hour,” Shapiro said.

It all meant that despite the dress disaster, Shapiro avoided any stress and was able to enjoy the rest of her big day. She knows she won’t be the last to find themselves in this situation though and was happy to offer some sage advice.

“Don’t let it bother you! It happens to everyone and it means you were having fun,” she said. “Also, have a dress to change into in case.”

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