Bro, just SHUT IT DOWN! Sen. John Cornyn WALLOPED for whining about a possible govt. shutdown – Twitchy


Tell us you don’t really know what your constituents want without telling us you don’t really know what your constituents want.

John, dude.


So shut it down.

Do it.

When companies run out of money because they’ve made piss-poor decisions they don’t get to keep going. They shut down. They go bankrupt. That’s our government right now.


And what he said.

All of it.

They just keep on showing us who they really are.

Good question.


We’re not holding our breath but it’s very true. What an excellent opportunity to get back to what they are hired for. Although, if we’re being honest, we’re not sure they have any idea what they’re supposed to do anymore.

When was the last time we saw any of them actually govern?



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