Building Growth and Trust with Generative AI on a Hybrid Platform


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Generative AI is still in its infancy but is already creating significant value for enterprises, mainly by increasing productivity and decreasing costs. As organizations increase their AI adoption, many are embracing a hybrid platform—involving both cloud and on-premise infrastructure, along with both open and closed data models—to use generative AI effectively and safely.

Specialized hybrid solutions and SaaS offerings enable organizations to move quickly in experimenting, deploying, and using data, AI, and generative AI to deliver tangible business value.

In this webinar, Priyank Patel, Cloudera, and Kumaran Siva, AMD, discuss the following ideas:

• AI is about augmenting humans

• Organizations are already using generative AI as an essential business tool

• Organizations are using various data models and hybrid platforms

• Many organizations increasingly view hybrid as the right approach

Click here to watch the full webinar and download the webinar summary report,

Priyank Patel is the VP of Product Management at Cloudera

Kumaran Siva is the Corporate VP, Business Development, AMD






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