California Flooding Video Shows ‘Damaging Mudflow’ Strike Los Angeles


As heavy rain lashed California during a fierce winter storm, forecasters’ worst fears began to materialise with mudflows and landslides hitting Los Angeles.

Shocked bystanders and storm-chasers documented the damage as mud, rocks and vegetation were swept down hillsides and mountains to deluge the land below.

Footage emerged as the National Weather Service warned that “locally catastrophic and life-threatening flooding is expected” in some parts of California. The state has been battered by storms and buffeted by high winds in recent days, and eight areas had already been flooded by early Tuesday morning.

Cars sitting in floodwaters on January 11, 2023, in Planada, California. The state has been hit by flooding again.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Storm-chasing videographer Max Olson (@MesoMax919) posted dramatic footage on social media site X (formerly Twitter), captioning the clip: “Damaging mudflow in the Laurel Canyon area, we saw wood, and pieces of kitchenware flowing down earlier.”

The 13-second video showed extremely fast-moving water gushing down the steep canyon road in Los Angeles, which had effectively created a river on what had been a regular street just shortly before. The water barrelled past homes and cars parked on driveways, just feet away.

Another storm-chaser, Reed Timmer, who describes himself as an “extreme meteorologist,” shared a string of videos to his X account (@ReedTimmerAccu).

One X post showed churning waters filmed from a bridge, which was captioned: “RAGING creek in Los Angeles, California with the Santa Monica Mountains getting blasted by very heavy rain. This is Ballona Creek near Marina Del Rey flowing at 18,000 cfs! [cubic feet per second.]”

Another of his clips showed a “land slide near Rustic Canyon, CA,” The footage showed how earth, vegetation, rocks, and debris that had slipped down from higher ground to cover part of one lane on a road still being soaked by heavy rain.

This is a developing story and will be updated.