Cat Has Relatable Reaction After Being Accidentally Locked Out By Owner


An adorably fluffy cat made his feelings painfully clear after being accidentally locked out of the house in the cold.

Kovu the British longhair cross was named after a character from The Lion King, and according to the 3-year-old feline’s owner can be “a bit of a drama queen.”

That’s why they created the TikTok account, @Kovukat, chronicling his day-to-day life. In what’s quickly developed into something of a daily ritual, his owner likes to film Kovu’s reaction to seeing him come home.

It usually results in an adorable clip, with Kovu positively beaming at seeing his owner back home. “I have a lot of reaction videos on my page from when I get back from work and he’s always so happy to see me when I get home,” the owner told Newsweek. “But not this time.”

This time, Kovu had managed to get himself stuck outside in the rain all day and he was not happy about it.”He loves being outside but only when the weather suits him,” his owner said. “But if it gets windy or rains he likes to come back in.”

The pet owner has a pretty good idea of what must have happened. “He must have gone out through the door instead of his cat flap, hence being locked out, as we lock the cat flap at night for his safety.”

So rather than be greeted by an overjoyed feline friend, the pet owner was greeted by a cat with an unimpressed face. The resulting clip, which has been watched 1 million times already on TikTok, shows Kovu was not a happy camper.

“He’s mad at me,” the onscreen caption read. Judging from Kovu’s staring eyes and occasional angry meows and hisses, that might be the understatement of the year.

Kovu the cat was locked out of the house. He was not happy about it.

The situation went from bad to worse when his owner invited him inside. In the video, Kovu jumps down to use the cat flap, only to find it is still locked. The expression on his face as he angrily looks through the transparent flap at his human companion on the other side is priceless.

Cats are difficult to read. In a 2023 study published in the journal Animals, 438 pet owners were asked to state whether their dog or cat displayed one of 22 different emotions including joy, sadness, frustration and disappointment.

The results revealed that just 58 percent of cat owners believed their pets could express a particular emotion. By contrast 65 percent of dog owners thought the same.

But while cats may be subtle in some respects, the study indicated that felines excelled when it came to expressing anger. In total, 85 percent of cat owners said their four-legged friends could do it, compared with just 60 percent of dog owners.

Most commenting on TikTok appeared to agree that Kovu’s owner was in the cathouse after leaving him out in the cold.

“Looks like you have some explaining to do,” one wrote with another admitting “his death stare had me.” A third added: “he is so mad” while a fourth wrote simply “the betrayal.”

Thankfully, Kovu was back inside soon enough while his owner has learned a valuable lesson about always checking the catflap is unlocked in the daytime.

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