Cat Reacts to Owner’s Chocolate After Being Told It’s ‘Too Late for Treats’


A cat who was denied an evening snack made his feelings abundantly clear after he later caught his owner enjoying some chocolate.

Sharon Gallagher, from Vancouver, Canada, told Newsweek that her 9-year-old ragdoll, Bossy, has been getting “more treats than usual” of late, but with valid reason. When the cat first came into her life back in 2014, she arrived in a busy household containing two dogs and another cat; Bossy was in his element.

“He wasn’t cuddly with humans, but he loved all our animals, big dogs included,” Gallagher said. “He would immediately find a warm fur body to cuddle with, and that creature didn’t have a choice; Bossy was making himself comfortable.”

Christened Bossy or Bossy Mac, on account of his domineering personality, over the next nine years, the feline watched on as Gallagher’s two dogs and other cat sadly passed away, leaving him on his own. “He was really depressed being an only pet,” Gallagher said. “He does like the humans he knows and he likes to sit beside me, but you will catch him watching dogs outside our windows.”

Bossy the ragdoll cat unhappy at home. He was left seemingly furious at the apparent double standard, his owner told Newsweek.


It’s not uncommon for cats to experience grief. A 2016 study published in the journal Animals found that dogs and cats exhibited indicators of stress and grief following the loss of a four-legged companion. They were similar to those seen among young children grieving the loss of a family member.

Aware that Bossy might be feeling a little blue at losing so many of his pet pals, Gallagher said she has attempted to compensate for the situation by giving him a few more treats here and there. That’s where this whole thing began.

“I created this problem myself,” Gallagher added. “I tried to bribe him into sleeping on our bed by giving him bedtime treats on the bed. Since he’s been an only pet, he often goes off to sleep by himself at night. He started coming up for the treats and then ditching out so I started giving him treats in the mornings: on the bed.”

Matters came to a head one evening recently. “I was in the kitchen cleaning up, and he was screaming at me every time I was close to the cupboard where his treats are,” Gallagher said. “I told him it was too late for treats. We’d be going to bed soon; he’d get some there.”

At first, Bossy appeared to have been placated, disappearing to “create havoc somewhere else” while Gallagher finished off the cleaning. Having completed her chores, she decided that, instead of going to bed, she would settle in and watch a little television.

“I grabbed a chocolate bar out of the cupboard and hit the couch,” Gallagher said. “Bossy was nowhere to be seen, but then out of the corner of my eye, I saw him standing there and I immediately realized why he was mad and it cracked me up.”

Fortunately, Gallagher had her phone to hand and was able to catch Bossy’s unhappy look on camera. After nine years together, she had a pretty good idea what was going through his mind. “Murder,” she said. “How to get away with murder… he was just standing there like he was creating a list of all the ways he’d take me out if he had opposable thumbs.”

Thankfully, things worked out for Bossy. He got a treat before bed, albeit not chocolate. “I suppose all is forgiven; as long as whenever I get a treat, he does, too,” Gallagher said. “Even if he’s not around, I must call him. Those are the clear rules now.”

Though Bossy might be missing his furry friends, Gallagher is keen to stress he lives a happy life. “He loves watching birds and squirrels out of our big living room window,” Gallagher said. “He also enjoys waking me up in the wee morning hours of the weekend for sport.”

Despite her pet’s quirks, it is clear that Gallagher is more than happy with feeding up and pampering her Bossy cat. “He’s a funny little guy, tons of personality and chatty when he wants something,” she said. Long may it continue.

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