‘Comedian’ Asks Boy Moms If They Want States to Force Their Sons to Become Fathers, Gets Schooled Instead – Twitchy


Remember when comedians used to be funny? We do.

Some still are. But many are insufferable political activists who wouldn’t know humor or a joke if it bit them in the armpit.

Meet Laurie Kilmartin, whose latest special is called ‘Cis Woke Grief Sl*t’ (sounds hilarious, doesn’t it? Not.). She has a question for you boy moms out there:

This writer is a boy mom, and no. That’s not on the list of things she’s considering, because she’s raising her boys to be personally responsible and not, you know, kill their offspring.

Crazy, huh?

Thinking she’s being clever, Laurie instead gets a lesson on what real boy moms think.


No, really? We couldn’t tell.

Pardon us while we roll our eyes.

No, they wouldn’t.

It takes a very twisted mind to tell someone they should find colleges in states that will permit the murder of their unborn grandchild.


Yeah. What a radical concept.

Consequences, responsibility, birth control.

Remember that adoption is also an option. No one is forced to be a mother or a father.

A related point.

Another radical idea.

It’s actually very sexist to tell men abortion is the solution to fatherhood: it encourages them to shrug off responsibility, and leave it all to the woman. Including the trauma of abortion, which also impacts the father.

Big if true.

There you go.

Also an option.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

There are a lot of options before ‘have an abortion’, why doesn’t Laurie know this?

We chuckled. Hard.

And leave a traumatized woman in your wake. Way to go, bro!

They’re so close, aren’t they?

Okay, we laughed out loud.

Imagine it. The stuff of nightmares.


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