Dog Saved From Slaughter Truck in China Wins Pet of the Week


From a dog wearing a stool cushion as a cape to a 15-year-old blind and deaf cat that got a second chance at life, we’ve seen plenty of heartwarming pet stories this week.

As well as viral pets, we’ve loved seeing our readers’ pet videos and photos. This week’s Pet of the Week line-up includes a rescue dog and a cat that is seriously passionate about playtime.

If you want your pet to be part of next week’s Pet of the Week line-up, follow the instructions at the end of this story to find out how to get involved.


Betty, who was rescued from a slaughter truck in China at just four months old, today lives with her loving owners in Berkeley, California.
Bonny Osterman

This week’s Pet of the Week is five-year-old golden retriever and Irish setter mix Betty.

Rescued from a slaughter truck in China when she was just four months old, she is now almost unrecognizable from the skinny, flea-ridden dog destined to be used for meat.

“She was emaciated and had many health issues and it took a year to get her well,” owner Bonny Osterman told Newsweek. “Today, she’s fabulously healthy and a very comedic and friendly girl.”

With a lush coat of golden red fur, Betty loves to go out and about, but has a particular quirk that makes everyone smile.

“She doesn’t leave the house without a big stuffed toy and carries it everywhere, swooshing down the streets, blinking with pride as cars honk and people stop to take pictures,” Osterman said.

As well as her favorite stuffed toy, Betty also has a closet full of coats, and is known for the flowers she wears on her collar on cold days.

“She’s also in training to become a therapy dog, so she can make everyone smile,” Osterman explained. “She’s a glamour girl that deserves her spotlight.”


Kalu the cat
Kalu, a white cat who lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia and loves playtime.
Michelle Duque

Our first finalist this week is Kaluluwa. Shortened to Kalu, this fluffy white cat’s full name means ghost, spirit or soul in Tagalog.

Kalu lives with owner Michelle Duque in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

“He has brought so much fun, love, and mischief to our family,” Duque told Newsweek.

His hobbies include playing with his feline friend Milo, chasing bugs and watching animals play in the yard.

He is also very passionate about playtime, even bringing his toys to his owner to play with during the night.

“He will sometimes play fetch with them like a dog would play with a stick or ball. He brings these to me at night meowing to announce each offering,” said Duque. “When I wake up there is a pile of these treasures ready and waiting for playtime.”

Bubu the dog
Bubu, a nine-year-old Pomeranian who lives in Lakeland, Florida with owner Denise Ruzicka.
Denise Ruzicka

Our next finalist this week is Bubu, a nine-year-old Pomeranian who lives in Lakeland, Florida with Denise Ruzicka.

“His favorite toys are ones that crackle, empty water bottle bottles and rubber balls that are bacon scented—only made by one manufacturer,” Ruzicka told Newsweek.

High-energy, Bubu loves to play: “His bursts of zoomies is hilarious,” said his owner. “But when he’s ready to slow down, he loves to cuddle.”

Shih Tzu Marley
Marley the shih tzu who lives in Baltimore County, Maryland. The picture on the right shows him as a pup.
Candace Moxey

Last but not least this week is four-year-old shih tzu Marley.

A big fan of cuddles and chasing squirrels, Marley lives in Baltimore County, Maryland.

“My dad has a shih tzu and recommended I get one too. The very next litter, I picked out Marley,” owner Candace Moxey told Newsweek.

“Marley loves cuddles, to play catch, and say hello to everyone,” Moxey added. “Marley is so friendly and cute. He knows it too. He’s super silly, smart and really energetic. I adore him.”

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet you want to share? Send them to [email protected] with some details about your best friend and they could appear in our Pet of the Week lineup.


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