Donald Trump Says US is ‘So Pathetic’ Without Him as President


Former President Donald Trump says that the United States is “so pathetic” without him in the White House.

During a Newsmax TV interview that aired Monday night, Trump said that the country was in a pathetic state due to problems with “law and order” that he suggested were caused by the immigration policies of President Joe Biden, lamenting that migrant “thugs” were “beating up our police force.”

“We’re so pathetic as a country, in terms of law and order,” Trump told host Rob Schmitt. “We have the greatest police in the world but they’re not allowed to do their jobs … The police, you know, are dying to do their work, just like the border patrol. But they’re not allowed to do their work.”

Trump then suggested that the U.S. was more respected during his administration because figures like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping knew that he does not play “games.”

Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump is pictured on the stump January 27, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada. During a Monday interview on Newsmax, Trump said the country is “so pathetic” without him…

David Becker/Getty

“The country is just, it’s so pathetic,” he said. “And, you know, other countries are watching this. I’ll tell you what, I got to know Putin very well, I got to know Xi very well. I got along with everybody. But they knew it was no games.”

Trump went on to say that the U.S. would be “finished” if Biden defeats him for a second time in November’s presidential election, suggesting that the country would “not be able to function” if he does not return to the White House.

Newsweek reached out for comment to the White House and Trump’s office via email on Monday night.

Trump also described the $118 billion bipartisan border security bill being weighed in the Senate as “a Democrat trap” during his Newsmax interview, warning any Republican senators who vote in its favor that the action “would probably mean the end of their career.”

In a move that Democrats suggested was a political ploy meant to worsen the migrant crisis and pile blame on Biden ahead of the election, Trump previously demanded that Republicans kill any border deal that falls short of “perfect.”

Before details of the Senate bill were even released on Sunday, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson preemptively indicated that the legislation would be “dead on arrival in the House”

“This bill can’t be signed,” Trump said during his Monday interview. “It’s one of the dumbest bills I’ve ever seen. I think it’s totally dead in the House … I can’t imagine anybody wanting to approve this bill.”

During a December rally in New Hampshire, the former president predicted that illegal migrants would “flood out of the country” if he is elected to a second term, arguing migrants already in the U.S. would flee because they would “understand that I will immediately restore and expand the Trump travel ban on entry.”