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Ethan Hawke has poked fun at his attempt to flirt with Rihanna at a basketball game.

The Before Sunrise actor made his son Levon, now 21, switch seats with him so he could talk to Rihanna at the NBA All-Star Game in New York City in February 2015. The awkward encounter was snapped by photographers and Ethan was ridiculed for his flirting attempt.

During a game of How Well Do Ethan & Maya Hawke Really Know Each Other? for Variety, the actor addressed the incident.

“I’ve been caught by the paparazzi openly flirting with Rihanna,” he said, to which his daughter quipped, “Trying to.”

He continued, “Trying to flirt… So that’s been to the family shame, so you’re really touching a nerve.”

The Stranger Things actress offered a different perspective by stating, “No, it’s family pride.”

The conversation came up when the father-daughter duo were asked by Variety if he would rather go to a Rihanna or Lady Gaga concert.

Ethan, 52, previously addressed the viral snaps in 2019 when he posted a meme to Instagram that read, “Remember when Ethan Hawke made his son switch seats just so he could talk to Rihanna.”

In the caption, he quipped, “Yes, my son and I remember this GREAT night. His version is a little different than mine.”

He shared the photos again in February this year to celebrate Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

“After Rihanna’s brilliant half time performance, I’m hoping my son can find it in his heart to forgive a Dad for taking his moment,” he joked.

Ethan shares Maya and Levon with his ex-wife Uma Thurman. He has been married to Ryan Hawke since 2008.


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