Ex-Race Horse Running at High Speed Before Falling Over Viewed by Almost 5M


A social-media video of an ex-race horse speeding through a field, only to slip and fall down a small hill, has left shocked viewers across the internet.

The viral moment has been viewed by almost 5 million internet users since being shared on September 16. The clip shows the horse galloping through the arid Australian countryside at high speed before falling over. Viewers were delighted, as well as amused, to see that the animal simply picked itself back up and carried on sprinting down the field, seconds after taking the big fall.

The video was filmed at an agricultural farm in Sunshine Coast, Australia. The clip’s creator, who goes by @jojo_jmh on TikTok, shared in the post’s comments section that the horse had been running because he had been called for breakfast. They also updated concerned viewers that, despite the extreme look of the horse’s fall, the animal didn’t injure himself at all in the process.

Pet Keen says that Australia is home to an estimated figure of over 1 million horses, many of which will be ex-racing champions. The British Horseracing Authority writes online that, long after their racing careers have ended, these horses are still cared for or used for breeding.

“After their racing careers are over, many of the best horses will be retired to stud to breed the next generation of racehorses. However, thoroughbreds are versatile, highly intelligent creatures that can adapt well to retraining outside racing,” the organization writes online.

A horse chews the grass in a field. A viral video depicting an ex-racing equine falling over has been viewed by almost 5 million TikTok users.
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What Do the Comments Say?

Since it was shared to the social-media platform, the clip in the TikTok post has been liked by over 475,000 users and commented on more than 7,200 times. Plenty of viewers have shared both their amusement at the viral moment and their concern for the fallen horse in the post’s comments section.

One user posted under the video: “Like he pays his own vet bills!”

“The way he just got back up and started running again,” a second added.

“So that’s how the whole side gets ripped off the fly sheet,” shared a third user.

A fourth viewer commented: “Just gets up and keeps running like nothing happened.”

Newsweek reached out to @jojo_jmh for comment via TikTok.

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