Fearless Goose Protects Great Pyrenees in Viral Video: ‘Real Bestie’


Great Pyrenees are among the biggest dog breeds, and yet one brave goose felt the need to protect her canine brother in a clip that has gone viral on social media.

In the post shared on TikTok in December by the pets’ owner, under the username greatpyrenees.tune.44, the goose can be seen menacingly approaching a goat standing close to the dog, and kicking her out of the spot, before walking up to the Great Pyrenees for cuddles.

The hilarious post comes with a caption that reads: “When your goose protects the dog from the goats,” followed by: “Sally doesn’t know the goats are actually SUPPOSED to stay with the dogs.”

Stock image of a goose near a dog. A goose protecting her dog pal has gone viral on social media.
Getty Images

Shepherd dogs have an instinct for controlling the movement of other animals using their unique skills. Many different breeds fall under this category and some may not have the title in their name, according to the World Animal Foundation. However, not all of those classified as shepherds are herding dogs.

The American Kennel Club states that herding breeds were initially developed to gather, herd, and protect livestock. Even today, some breeds, like the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd dog are commonly used for police and protection work.

“The herding instinct in these breeds is so strong that herding breeds have been known to gently herd their owners, especially the children of the family. In general, these intelligent dogs make excellent companions and respond beautifully to training exercises,” the AKC states.

The video quickly went viral on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 124,300 views and 13,700 likes on the platform.

One user, Sacred Sandwich, commented: “Getting a guard goose for the guard dog is crazy.” TonyZamboni said: “Head held high ‘Did you see that bro, flexed on em who’s the GOAT now hmmm!?” Tay Louise wrote: “That’s a real bestie.”

Brooke Butler wrote: “I like how he shows off his slender neck after shooing away the goats.” LAURA said: “I wanted a protector, was thinking a German shepherd but now I think I’m getting a goose instead.”

User GonkGnome commented: “Weirdest game of Rock paper scissors ever…goose protects dog…dog protects goat…goats are goats.” User j97859 wrote: “Goats are mean but [geese] are meaner.”

Newsweek reached out to greatpyrenees.tune.44 for comment via TikTok comments. We could not verify the details of the case.

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