France supplies AASM Hammer bombs to Ukraine, says Ukrainian Air Force


France has provided Ukraine with a supply of AASM Hammer bombs, Yuriy Ihnat, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, said on the national television on Jan. 19.

“As for how useful the bombs will be, we need to see on the battlefield,” said Ihnat, commenting on the potential effectiveness of the bombs.

“Undoubtedly, if they are given, it means they will reach their targets.”

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Ihnat expressed optimism that this weaponry will be no less effective than what Ukraine has already received.

“This includes HARM missiles and GBU-62 JDAM bombs, which are currently launched from Soviet-era equipment,” he said.

However, the spokesperson did not specify from which aircraft the French bombs would be launched.

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This development follows French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement on Jan. 16 confirming Ukraine’s receipt of a new batch of Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles and bombs from France.

Although Macron did not specify the exact type of bombs, Defense Express later reported that the supply includes hybrid bombs and missiles AASM Hammer from Safran.

These weapons are equipped with a special kit, significantly enhancing their range and accuracy, with a declared range of over 70 kilometers, allowing for deployment from a relatively safe distance from the target.

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