Full List of House Republicans Who Plan To Vote for Debt Ceiling Deal


A number of House Republicans have already publicly come out in support of the deal to raise the debt ceiling negotiated by President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy ahead of the crucial vote.

McCarthy believes he has the support of around “95 percent” of House Republicans for the debt ceiling deal he struck with the White House, despite a number of hardline lawmakers such as Colorado’s Lauren Boebert and Virginia’s Bob Good saying they will oppose the deal announced on Saturday.

Before the House votes in the deal to extend the debt ceiling and potentially avoid a catastrophic default, it must clear a vote in the Republican-controlled House Rules Committee, who will decide on how the bill will be considered in the lower chamber, including whether it will be subject to amendments.

U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-SD) questions witnesses in a hearing of the House Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party, in the Cannon House Office Building on February 28, 2023 in Washington, DC. Johnson is one of a number of House Republicans who have already said they will support debt ceiling deal.
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The committee is made up of nine Republicans and four Democrats, meaning there is a chance that the bill could be killed if three GOP lawmakers and all Democrats on the panel vote against supporting it.

Two of the nine Republicans have already publicly criticized the agreement: Reps. Ralph Norman of South Carolina and Chip Roy of Texas.

However, a number of House Republicans are still confident that the bill will pass and will get the 218 votes needed in the lower chamber on Wednesday.

Dusty Johnson

Republican South Dakota Representative Dusty Johnson has downplayed the conservative opposition to the debt ceiling deal and insisted those lawmakers are in the minority and the bill “will absolutely pass.”

“There’s no question about that,” he told NBC News. “I’ve talked to dozens of members, and listen, not every single member is on board. But when was the last time that every single member of Congress agreed on anything?”

Speaking to CNN’s State of the Union, Johnson also said the opposition from certain GOP lawmakers regarding the debt ceiling deal is to be expected.

“Let’s be honest, Bob Good will not vote for this thing,” Johnson said. “It doesn’t matter if Mother Teresa came back from the dead and called him, he’s not voting for it. He was never going to—this is going to pass.”

Stephanie Bice

The Oklahoma representative has also said she believes the bill will clear the House vote on Wednesday.

“We’re going to get there,” Bice said. “There’s going to be bipartisan support on this legislation. The president is supporting it. I think that we’re in a really good place.

“Spending cuts are what we asked for; no new taxes are what we asked for; no clean debt ceiling is what we asked for. And that’s exactly what we’ve got.”

Elise Stefanik

House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York has been urging her fellow GOP lawmakers to approve the deal in a last minute push for support.

“House Republicans will restore fiscal sanity and hold Washington accountable,” Stefanik said in a conference call on Monday.

“This is a historic Republican victory consisting of historic reductions in spending, which will rein in government overreach, limit inflationary spending and lift millions of Americans out of poverty.”

Patrick McHenry

North Carolina Rep. Patrick McHenry, a key GOP negotiator in the talks, expressed support for the bill as expected, describing the agreed deal between McCarthy and Biden as “the most conservative spending package in my service in Congress, and this is my 10th term.”

John Rutherford

The Florida representative has said the bill is a win for Republicans and that they must take advantage of the slim majority they have in the House by voting to approve the deal.

“It’s a win for the American public because we’re gonna see inflation go down, we’re going to see taxes not go up, we’re going to see spending go down, we’re going to see smaller government. My God, that’s worth the price of admission right there,” Rutherford told Action News Jax.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Elsewhere, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has become a key ally to McCarthy in the House, has frequently indicated she will support the House leader’s deal.

“Hearing @SpeakerMcCarthy’s soon to be finalized agreement on the debt limit will clawback $400 MILLION from the CDC ‘Global Health Fund’ that sends money overseas to countries like China,” Greene tweeted on Saturday while listing several other countries that will “no longer get access to these taxpayer dollars” such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Ukraine.

“Also on the chopping block is nearly $1.5 BILLION from the CDC’s ‘Vaccine Distribution and Monitoring Program.'”


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