Georgia Prosecutor plays an ‘UNO REVERSE’ and slaps RICO charges on 61 Leftist ANTIFA militants – Twitchy


In a bit of ‘turnabout is fair play’, Republican Attorney General Chris Carr has announced indictments for 61 Antifa alleged criminals utilizing the same RICO statues used against Trump and his co-defendants. Many Republicans have warned this must be the way to fight back against the Left. Ron DeSantis removed 2 Soros funded Prosecutors while Greg Abbott bussed migrants to liberal blue cities.

Absolutely! It may feel like small wins, but it is better than no wins at all. This nonsense won’t stop until the Left is made to feel some of the consequences.


The only way to deal with Leftists.

This is very true, but one step at a time.

Republicans must use all available levers of power to try and push back. Absolutely, more of this.

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