How Has Baltimore Fared in the Postseason?


When you think of the NFL, certain blue-blooded franchises, like the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears, stand tall. Overall stature, however, doesn’t always correlate with individual success. The Baltimore Ravens are an example of that.

While the club is a relatively modern addition to the NFL scene—the Ravens arrived on the scene in 1996—there’s still been a good amount of playoff success in Charm City. Just how much?

Well, let’s crack open the history books and take a walk down memory lane.

A Baltimore Ravens helmet on the field prior to an NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Stadium on December 17, 2023, in Jacksonville, Florida. How have the Ravens historically fared…

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Ravens Are Above .500 in Postseason

While breaking even in the regular season is generally viewed as the bare minimum, things are a bit tougher when the playoffs roll around. Given that you’re facing tougher competition, and a single loss ends the campaign, it can be hard to get too far into positive numbers.

The Ravens, however, have managed to do just that.

Since entering the NFL fray in 1996, the Ravens have qualified for the postseason 15 times. In those appearances, the club has played 29 games and piled up a 17-12 record.

Given that a loss ends your season, you might be thinking that the volume of games suggests the Ravens have found plenty of success during crunch time. And while success can be a subjective term, you’d largely be right.

How Many AFC Titles Have Ravens Won?

Now that we’ve established the Ravens’ 17-12 postseason record, we can pull things apart even further.

In 11 wildcard-round games, Baltimore has gone 8-3. Things have been a bit tougher in the divisional round, though, with a 5-7 record in the second stage of the playoffs.

Those five wins may seem comparatively disappointing, but they do mean that the Ravens have reached the AFC title game five times. And how did things go there?

In 2000, the Ravens defeated the Raiders by a comfortable 16-3 margin. After that, though, the metaphorical sledding was a bit tougher. The AFC North club lost to the Steelers in 2008, the Patriots in 2011 and then beat the Patriots in 2012.

That means Baltimore has two AFC championships to its name heading into Sunday’s date with the Kansas City Chiefs. Will they move to 3-2 in that penultimate round? Or sink to 2-3?

Have Ravens Ever Won Super Bowl?

Two AFC titles mean that the Ravens have reached two Super Bowls, which isn’t too shabby for a team that’s existed for less than 30 years. But the appeal of finishing in second place is limited, but Baltimore has performed well on the game’s biggest stage.

In January 2001, the Ravens defeated the Giants 34-7 to claim their first title. The club’s legendary defense, led by eventual Super Bowl MVP Ray Lewis, stole the show. New York posted only 152 yards of total offense all night, committed five turnovers and scored their one touchdown on special teams.

Things were a bit more competitive when Baltimore returned to the big game in early 2013 for a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh showdown against the San Francisco 49ers. Things went back and forth, but Joe Flacco’s 287 passing yards and three touchdowns were enough to secure a 34-31 victory and bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Maryland. Flacco also took home Super Bowl MVP honors for his efforts.

That 2-0 record gives Baltimore the joint-best winning percentage in the championship game. The Ravens and Buccaneers are the only clubs to appear in multiple Super Bowls without a loss.