How many calories and units are lurking in YOUR favourite beer? Use our ultimate interactive guide to find out…


Whether you have totally binned booze or just embraced a ‘damp’ January, you’ve probably cut thousands of calories from your diet without even realising.

That’s because beer and cider are notoriously bad for our waistlines, with some of Britain’s best-loved bottles and cans packed with up to 290 calories.

For reference, that’s significantly more than a Krispy Kreme doughnut (195 calories) or two KitKats (104 calories).

And liquid calories are no different to solid ones — all types will make you fat if you ingest too many.

So, use MailOnline’s interactive graphic below to see how bad your favourite beer, cider or ale is… 

‘It is true that in the case of beer and cider the main health concern is the alcohol content,’ said Dr Duane Mellor, a registered dietitian at Aston University in Birmingham.

‘But it is worth noting that a pint of some beers can contain more calories than two slices of bread.’

Each gram of alcohol contains around 7 calories, meaning the heavier the beer, the worse for your waistline.

For comparison, a gram of fat contains around 9 calories, while carbs and protein sit at around the 4 calorie marker.

On top of the calories, some ciders can even contain as much as five teaspoons of sugar, with a 330ml can of Old Mount Strawberry and Apple cider containing 18g. 

To put that into context, the NHS recommends we stick to less than 30g, or seven teaspoons, each day.

Dr Mellor warns some ciders can be the equivalent of drinking a sugary soft drink.

For example, a 330ml can of Fanta Orange contains less sugar than some ciders with 15g or four teaspoons of sugar in one can.


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