Internet in Stitches at Dog’s ‘Lamborghini’ Ears Mode When Offered Treats


A video of a dog that appears to be “all ears” when it comes to being offered treats has gone viral on TikTok.

The post was shared by @thecrazydoggirl and has had over 725,000 views since it was first posted.

A message overlaid on the clip reads: “I need you all to see Lily’s ears when I say ‘treat.'” A caption shared with the post reads: “Her ears turn into wings.”

A voice in the clip says, “Do you want a treat?” as the dog is shown wagging her tail and looking up towards the camera.

A rustling noise is heard in the background before the dog is heard barking and her ears stand up almost like bat wings.

“Aw there it is…look at those ears,” the voice says as the pup is seen standing on her hind legs, reaching up towards the camera while letting out another bark.

How canines hold their ears as well as their bodies can say a lot about “their feelings and the message they are sending,” explained an article by the Lake City Animal Hospital in Florida.

“If your dog has relaxed body language and their ears are perked up, something they see or hear may have piqued their interest,” such as when they know they’re getting food or treats, the hospital said.

Perked-up ears coupled with a relaxed body can also mean your dog is giving you their attention during training or express their interest in playing games or exercising.

Your dog may also display this stance when they want to play with another pup at a park.

The hospital wrote: “This invitation to play is especially true if they get into play bow position,” which is when their tail and rear are up in the air, with their front legs lowered, while their ears are pointing up and forward.

“Perked-up ears and a relaxed body are typically positive signs and clear indications that your dog wants to investigate,” the hospital said.

Newsweek illustration of a dog looking excited. The internet fell in love with a dog’s “Lamorghini” ears when offered a treat.

Photo-illustration by Newsweek/Getty

‘I’m All Ears’

Users on TikTok were delighted by the dog’s reaction to treats in the clip.

User Lilscoobysnack wrote: “Those Lamborghini doors opened right up.”

FallenAngel said: “The definition of ‘did I just hear you say treat?'”

Rupert wrote “want a treat? her: I’m all ears!” The original poster replied: “Bahahahaha Hahaha literally ALL ears.”

Victory Screech Labs said: “She’s unfurled her ear/wings and is about to fly to a whole new level!”

Chandler Royce said “That dog literally went into sport mode,” and TimBTB simply said “Big wing mode!”

Jess noted: “She said and we have lift off!!! She’s so precious!!!”

Sandra Mariah Wright wrote: “That’s not a dog, that’s a luck dragon!”

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment via TikTok.

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