Internet Obsessed by Westie Dog Wanting to Go to College With Brother


The saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” couldn’t be more true for one canine who wanted to go to college with his brother.

In a viral TikTok video shared by Mimi [@_badgalmimi__], her West Highland white terrier can be seen hopping all over the seats of a vehicle that is fully loaded with belongings. The on-screen text reads: “POV [point of view]: Your dog wants to go to [university] with your brother.”

75 Percent of Students Suffer From Separation Anxiety

The canine called Boo appears to be a stubborn as he sits on the luggage and makes no effort to leave the car. It’s clear that Boo doesn’t want his owner to leave, but it turns out many students feel the same, according to a Washington State University study.

Researchers surveyed 150 students during their first year at college, and the results found animals aren’t the only ones who experience separation anxiety. In fact, 75 percent of students experienced some level of pet separation anxiety—with 1 in 4 reporting moderate to severe symptoms.

Those who displayed higher levels of anxiety tended to be the type of owners who treated their pets more like people. They identified them as friends and allowed them to sleep in the same room. The research also revealed dog owners reported more attachment to their pets and suffered from separation anxiety more than students with a different type of pet like a cat.

A white Westie terrier dog sits in a suitcase. The same breed has recently gone viral on TikTok for attempting to go to college with his owner’s brother.
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So far, the video captioned, “I did finally get him out of the car,” has amassed more than 40,000 likes.

One user commented: “I would simply not go. could not leave that baby.”

“I’d [actually] just have to take him with at that point,” posted another person.

One dog owner wrote: “Missing my westie so much rn [right not] wish I could’ve brought her to uni lol [laugh out loud].”

Newsweek previously examined the scientific studies to find out if dogs really love their owner. An excerpt from the article says “research has also confirmed that dogs are hardwired for cooperation and friendship, remarkably attuned to our emotions and limitations and, it seems increasingly clear, capable of learning and remembering complex rituals and information.”

Susan Nilson, a dog training and behavior expert, told Newsweek in July the top signs that indicate you are a dog’s best friend. Some of the ways include constant physical contact and an urgency to be near you all the time, greeting you at the door and being eager to help you.

Newsweek reached out to @_badgalmimi__ for comment via TikTok. We could not verify the details of the case.

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