Internet Obsessed With Dog’s Favorite Things in New Home: ‘Floating Ears’


Very few people can resist lying by a poolside in the sun, and one dog has proven herself to be no exception to the rule. A social media video of a dog relaxing on a sun lounger before tip-toeing into a pool has delighted viewers across the internet, many of whom are savoring the last of the summer sunshine before fall creeps in.

The viral video captures Oakley the mini golden doodle lazing on a sun lounger before taking a dip in a swimming pool in an aesthetically pleasing location, which the video’s creator reveals is their own backyard.

“My dog’s favorite thing to do since moving here is sunbathe and then go for a little swim when she gets hot,” the video’s creator wrote across the post.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Sun?

With temperatures rising year on year, it’s crucial that pet owners keep their furry friends safe in the sunshine. While it can be tempting to let your dog bask in all the sun’s rays on a scorching hot day, it can lead to them falling seriously ill. Dogs are especially prone to heatstroke or further health complications as a result of extreme weather.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has collated some general advice on its website about the ways owners can keep their dogs safe in the sun.

“Never leave dogs in hot cars, conservatories, outbuildings or caravans on a warm day, even if only for a short while. In these environments [hot weather] can be fatal,” the RSPCA writes online.

“Use pet-safe sun cream on exposed parts of your pet’s skin, such as the tips of their ears and nose, to avoid sunburn. This is especially important if your dog has white or light-colored fur, as they can be very vulnerable to getting burnt.

“Ensure pets always have access to shade and fresh drinking water to help keep them cool,” the charity adds.

The RSPCA also shares on its website that dog owners could delay their daily walks until the evening, to avoid walking their pet in strong sunlight. The charity also recommends filling up dogs’ bowls with small ice cubes, to help them feel cooler on warm days. Pools, like the one seen in the TikTok post, can also cool your pet down on uncomfortably hot days.

A stock image of a dog swimming in a pool. A viral video of a dog relaxing by a poolside has delighted viewers online.
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What Do The Comments Say?

Since it was shared on the social media platform on August 8 by @OakleyDoodleGram, the TikTok post has been liked by over 26,000 and commented on more than 100 times.

“The floating ears are too much,” one user wrote.

Another user added: “She’s living the life I want.”

The TikTok post can be seen here.

Newsweek reached out to @ for comment via TikTok.

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