Internet Shocked by 22-Pound Dachshund That Kept Growing: ‘More To Love’


A dachshund owner has left the internet in stitches after admitting they thought they’d bought a miniature dachshund, only for it to grow to twice its expected size.

Dachshunds are certainly a fan favorite among dog lovers, and it’s no surprise they ranked in the top 10 of the AKC’s most popular dog breeds of 2022. The owners of Jerry the sausage dog thought they were getting a miniature dachshund when they brought him home, but they were stunned when their tiny pup kept growing.

The hilarious clip showing Jerry during a walk when he was smaller was posted on his dedicated TikTok account (@jerrytheween), only to flash forward to his current 22-lb frame. Since it was posted on August 14, the video has gone viral with more than 951,300 views and 68,000 likes.

Jerry’s size may have come as a surprise to his owners, but they wouldn’t have him any other way, as the caption alongside the video reads: “Love our 22lb sausage.”

A standard adult dachshund can weigh anywhere between 16 and 32 pounds, however the American Kennel Club (AKC) says that a miniature shouldn’t get any larger than 11 pounds. On average, a standard dachshund should reach up to eight or nine inches tall at the shoulder, compared to miniatures which are just five or six inches tall.

A stock image of a dachshund laying on a couch. TikTok users were amazed by a dachshund’s 22lb size, despite his owners hoping he’d stay miniature.
LSOphoto/Getty Images

It isn’t certain if Jerry is in fact a standard dachshund, or if he’s potentially mixed with another breed and that’s the cause for his larger frame. Regardless of the dog’s size, dachshunds are iconic for their recognizable short legs and long body.

They may be small, but these dogs have big personalities, and they certainly won’t be afraid of being vocal.

The AKC recommends giving them regular exercise to keep them fit and active, but they will love curling up with their owner afterwards and spending lots of quality time together. Dachshunds don’t like being shut out or kept isolated, so being by their owner’s side is their favorite place to be.

Jerry’s owners have continued sharing videos of their huge dachshund’s cheeky antics, generating plenty of followers on social media.

The video of how Jerry’s owners thought their “dachshund would stay miniature” has amused many TikTok users, and the viral post has already amassed over 100 comments.

Many dachshund owners have shared how they also made the same mistake and watched as their dog continued to grow beyond expectations.

A comment by user @calucia2020 reads: “I can relate! My mini now weighs 24 pounds! His litter mates and parents are all under 14lbs.”

While @stephlovesdogs3 commented: “Chonky sausages are the best!”

In another comment, user @ollietheweenie joked that there is simply “more to love” now that Jerry has grown bigger.

Newsweek reached out to @jerrytheween via Instagram for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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