Jason Kelce Mocks Travis Kelce Over New Video


Jason Kelce has been poking fun at his brother Travis on social media, with his remarks sparking a flurry of jokes and memes.

In a video shared to X, formerly Twitter, by his team the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce struts down an airport runway in a berry-toned striped turtle neck and mustard yellow blazer.

Appearing to have just exited the plane, Kelce’s outfit was accompanied by a matching beanie hat and shades, with the 34-year-old recently sporting a shorter haircut and bushier beard.

(Left) Jason Kelce attends on September 8, 2023, in Philadelphia. Travis Kelce (right) on September 24, 2023, in Kansas City, Missouri. Jason Kelce mocked his brother Travis on social media, with followers dubbing the jibe “hilarious.”
Lisa Lake/Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Played in slow-motion, the football star briefly glances at the camera in the short clip, before heading off to catch his ride.

Since being shared on Saturday, the Chiefs’ clip has received almost 240,000 views. However, it was reposted by Jason Kelce on Sunday, who used the opportunity to mock his younger brother—and going viral for doing so.

“Looks like he’s auditioning for a new Wes Anderson film,” the 36-year-old wrote, with the dig receiving over 8 million views.

Although he claims, “I don’t have an aesthetic,” director Wes Anderson’s movies are known for their unique cinematography.

Anderson is known for his use of pastel color palettes, montages and slow motion, as well as using symmetry and “frame-within-a-frame” shots as compositions.

Retro fashion is also part of Anderson’s signature style, inspiring a TikTok trend last spring and endless hipster ensembles—with stripes similar to Kelce’s worn by Margot (Gwyneth Paltrow) in The Royal Tenenbaums (2001).

X users found Jason Kelce’s brotherly mocking hilarious, joining in with jibes of their own.

“Looks like my man is about to drop the worst rap album of 2007,” said @SuperTwoSports.

“Or perhaps he’s on his way to a coffee shop to read poetry??” suggested Dana.

“I’m pretty sure my grandma had that same exact shirt in the first family photo with my mom in 1963,” said Kyra Giffen.

“He looks like a non Waldo character in a Where’s Waldo book,” wrote Jackson Courtney.

“Literally all I see is a candycane dipped in mustard,” said @PoTheTatoMan.

“The Royal Kelcebaums,” commented Greg Thomas.

“It’s like he’s going to do a reboot of Life Aquatic,” said Robert B.L. Martin, alongside a gif of Willem Dafoe wearing a beanie hat in the 2004 Anderson film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

“Seeing Jason trolling Travis made my evening,” wrote Andrarenee, while Angela Knoebal said: “You’re the exact reason why I always wished I had an older brother.”

Although he may look like a Wes Anderson character, rumors that Travis Kelce is considering a move into acting seem to have been debunked.

On January 8, X account Film Updates claimed the Chiefs’ tight end was planning to pursue a film career. However, the only source was humor magazine Puck, with the outlet jokingly listing its “predictions” for 2024.