Kim Jong-un Left Russia With Some Totally Chill Gifts: Drones and Bulletproof Armor


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  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un just paid a six-day long visit to Russia, which included private meetings with President Vladimir Putin.

  • Upon leaving, he was gifted attack drones and body armor.

  • Western countries are worried this signals an alliance between the sanctioned nations.

You know, folks, here at Best Products, we try to give you the best of the best when it comes to gifting news—and we hope you come away not just amused, but also informed.

Sure, you might think, “How does knowing about Jenna Bush’s surprise party keep me informed?” But we would say that knowing how our global leaders act in their private lives is more important than ever in our age of public personas and misinformation.

You might think, “Why should I care about what happens to Royal gifts?” But we would counter that accountability is crucial for world leaders, and knowing what ethics protocols are in place for such things is vital.

You might also ask, “How is the world made better by telling us what Brody Jenner got for his 40th birthday?” But we would say… we would… we would say that… alright, you got us on that one. There is genuinely no reason to learn that information. We’ll own that.

But here’s a gifting news story that gives you a new perspective on the world we live in today. And that perspective is, “Oh, we are all potentially f***ed.”

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un (L) shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) at a historic meeting at the Vostochny Cosmodrome that has us all feeling totally chill and not at all worriedVladimir Smirnov – Getty Images

Kim Jong-un, leader of North Korea, paid a rare six-day visit to Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin. We don’t know exactly what was discussed between the two world leaders, though CNN speculates that the talks involved the idea that “North Korea could provide Russia with weaponry to aid its invasion of Ukraine.”

What we do know is that the North Korean leader didn’t leave empty-handed.

The Russian state news agency TASS reports that when Kim Jong-un left the Primorye region this Sunday, the governor gave him five attack drones, a Geranium-25 aircraft-type reconnaissance drone, and body armor. The report even notes that this particular armor had protection zones for the “chest, shoulders, throat” and our personal favorite, the “groin.” This is important because too many world leaders have been at risk of being like that one dude in Robocop.

These were given as a parting gift after talks that Putin described as “very substantive,” and after which Kim Jong-un declared, “I will always be standing with Russia,” possibly alluding to their current invasion of Ukraine.

CNN sums up the problematic implications of a potential alliance like this:

“Moscow is desperate for fresh supplies of ammunition and shells as its war with Ukraine drags on – and Pyongyang is believed to be sitting on a stockpile. Meanwhile, a potential deal could see North Korea get its hands on sanctioned ballistic missile technology that could be used to further its nuclear ambitions.”

But, y’know, probably nothing to worry about. Everybody chill. Let’s all kick back, relax, and put on a nice comedy movie to laugh our worries away:

dr strangelove

LMPC – Getty Images

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