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Kristen Stewart has admitted that she is “scared of childbirth”.

The 33-year-old Twilight star has opened up about her plans to start a family with her fiancé Dylan Meyer, 36.

“I don’t know what my family’s going to look like, but there’s no f**king way that I don’t start acquiring kids,” Kristen told Rolling Stone in a new interview. “And also, ideally at some point soon I go, ‘I want to have a kid.'”

The actress then went on to explain that while she’s not afraid of pregnancy, she is afraid of giving birth.

“I’m not scared of being pregnant. I’m not scared of having a kid. But I’m so f**king scared of childbirth, it’s crazy,” Kristen admitted. “Have you ever been too on drugs where you’ve suddenly needed to be on your hands and knees? I hate that. I mean, I smoke a lot of weed – I obviously self-medicate – but I don’t like hard drugs. And I’ve tried – a lot. I just can’t deal.”

During the interview, Kristen said she and Dylan – who announced their engagement in November 2021 – have yet to set a date for their wedding.

“We don’t have it in us to have a big wedding. We’re probably just going to do it soon,” the star divulged. “We just are busy trying to make movies because they’re our babies.”

Kristen also opened up about working in the same industry as her fiancé, who is a screenwriter.

“And luckily my girlfriend, my partner, we are into the same s**t,” the Spencer actress told the publication. “We have taken the things that we’re spending our time on and interlocked them, and we’re so much f**king smarter and stronger together. And you’re just like, ‘F**k, that is the best.'”

Kristen and Dylan have been in a relationship since 2019. They launched their production company, Nevermind, in 2023.


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