Labrador Puppy Finally Overcomes Big Brother at Tug of War in Adorable Clip


A video capturing the competitive spirit of a tiny puppy getting thrashed at tug of war by his fully grown brother that cuts to an evenly matched battle two years later with the younger dog finally getting the upper hand has gone viral on social media.

In the TikTok clip, Brady the young Labrador is seen playing a game of tug of war with his brother, Benji. Due to Brady’s tiny frame, he was tossed aside within seconds of the game starting and thoroughly overpowered.

The video then flashes forward to show a fully grown Brady, ready to put up a real fight against his now not-so-big brother. With both dogs evenly placed, it becomes a fiercely fought contest and Brady is now far from a walkover.

The hilarious clip has been viewed more than 3.7 million times since it was posted in August, and Brady has amassed a hugely supportive following, with over 534,500 likes on the post.

A file photo of two Labradors playing tug of war with a rope toy. TikTok users have loved seeing how much Brady the Labrador fought back to compete against his big brother in a game, rather than being overpowered constantly.
Gajus/Getty Images

Not only is tug of war a great way to entertain your dog, but it can be beneficial for them too. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the game can promote impulse control, build confidence and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners.

Enjoying a game of tug of war can also burn off lots of excess energy and keep the dog physically and mentally stimulated.

There are some occasions where you might want the glory for yourself, but it may be better to let the dog win. The AKC suggests that letting the dog win isn’t the same as letting them dominate, as it can instead teach them that engaging with their owner is fun and equally rewarding.

It’s thought that giving the dog a win can be liberating and may even encourage them to bring the toy back for another round.

TikTok users have loved seeing how much Brady has grown since joining the family, and his owners have continued sharing videos of the dogs together.

Since going viral, the video has amassed over 1,600 comments on TikTok, with many social media users praising Brady’s determination to overcome his brother.

A comment by @suchinelle reads: “When it’s time to fight your mentor after he taught you everything he knows.”

While @payton.sanderlin commented: “Oh lord, little man just yeeted into another dimension.”

TikTok user @ellejaybaa jokingly commented: “Poor puppy, but it learned how to play with the big dog eventually.”

Newsweek reached out to @benji_and_brady via TikTok for comment. We couldn’t verify the details of the video.

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