Lauren Boebert Blasted by Colorado Republican: ‘Will Only Embarrass You’


A Republican state senator from Colorado blasted Representative Lauren Boebert over her decision to switch congressional districts ahead of the November elections.

Boebert, a Colorado Republican, announced late last year that she is planning to switch from Colorado’s third congressional district to its more conservative fourth district in the 2024 election.

Her move, which sparked backlash from many Colorado elected officials, came as political analysts viewed her reelection as a toss-up. Boebert barely eked out a victory during the 2022 midterms against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch and has since faced scrutiny for being removed from a Beetlejuice production over alleged inappropriate behavior last year.

State Senator Don Coram, a Republican, slammed Boebert’s decision as a “rebranding effort” in a lengthy statement reported by the Journal-Advocate, a newspaper based in Sterling, Colorado. He ridiculed Boebert for failing to carry her home Garfield County in both her 2020 and 2022 elections, branding her the “Rifle reject.”

Representative Lauren Boebert at the U.S. Capitol building on September 13, 2023. Boebert, a Colorado Republican, was criticized by a GOP state senator for planning to switch congressional districts ahead of the 2024 elections.

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

“The good news is that the folks in the 4th CD have a wide range of candidates to choose from in the primary who already reside in the 4th CD. You don’t need to import someone who will only embarrass you,” he said.

He predicted that residents of Colorado’s 4th congressional district “won’t be fooled by her desperate attempts to salvage her sinking career” and that the switch “displays prominently that Lauren’s only interest and priority is protecting her celebrity status and keeping the only good-paying job she has had in her life.”

Newsweek reached out to Boebert’s office for comment via email.

Colorado’s 3rd congressional district, currently represented by Boebert, is viewed as having a slight Republican lean. It contains large, mountainous swaths of western Colorado along with Democratic-leaning towns like Aspen and Durango that keep margins fairly close.

However, she announced she would run in the 4th congressional district, which is being vacated by Representative Ken Buck. This district is viewed as the most conservative in the state and features the rural, eastern part of the state as well as suburbs near Denver and Fort Collins. While it has trended toward Democrats in recent election cycles, Republicans still hold a substantial advantage in the district.

Several Republicans already announced campaigns to run for the seat being vacated by Buck before Boebert said she planned to move districts. These candidates voiced criticism of her move.

“Lauren’s political move is to secure a career seat in [Washington] D.C. as she knows CD [Colorado District] 4 is a very conservative district. She is doing exactly what she has attacked [former Democratic House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi on, which is being a lifelong career politician,” Trent Leisy, a GOP candidate running in the fourth district, previously told Newsweek.

State Representative Richard Holtorf, who is also running, responded to her announcement in a statement, “If you can’t win in your home you can’t win here. She knew she’d lose in her own district and I’ll show her that’ll she’ll lose here too.”

Boebert has denied she is changing districts for political reasons, previously telling The Durango Herald the change “is really in regards to my personal life. There’s definitely been some changes.”