Letters to Sports: Chargers continue to live up to their legacy


I am so impressed with the recent history of the Chargers. They have the noble distinction as the greatest NFL team at losing close games. They build a lead, then give it up at the end in usually heartbreaking fashion. The undisputed champions of moral victories. They walk off the field when it’s over, their heads held high as they congratulate the victorious opponents. What a proud legacy!

Stephen Biskar
Huntington Beach


The Chargers played well enough to win last Sunday, but did not win due to changes in the NFL rules. Two Titan touchdowns were greatly aided by referee penalty calls. Both were calls where the actual hit was more incidental to the play than deliberate.

Football is a contact sport. If the NFL wants to protect the players from injury, then put flags on the players so pulling the flag means the progress and play has stopped.

David L. McDaniel
Capistrano Beach


In the NFL, two things will always be true: One, the Dallas Cowboys will never win a Super Bowl with Dak Prescott at quarterback. Two, the Chargers will never reach the Super Bowl with Brandon Staley as the coach.

Jesse Guevara
Pico Rivera


Once again Father Staley and the Charity Chargers give away another game. Does not matter if those missionaries are at home or on the road they always lose in the same fashion. Father Staley, hear my confession, “you need to find another parish.”

W. Lee Miller Jr.


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