Lizzo Brings Down The House With Absolutely Stunning Tina Turner Tribute


Lizzo honored the late music icon Tina Turner with a show-stopping moment in Phoenix on Wednesday night.

“As a Black girl in a rock band, I would not exist if it was not for the queen of rock ‘n’ roll,” she said. “And remember this: There wouldn’t be no rock ‘n’ roll without Tina Turner.”

Then she launched into “Proud Mary,” one of Turner’s signature tunes, complete with some Turner-inspired dance moves, as much of the sold-out Footprint Center sang along:

“Proud Mary” was a 1969 hit by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Ike and Tina Turner famously reworked the song, and it became a hit for them two years later ― and a staple of Tina Turner’s live shows for the rest of her career:

Lizzo’s tribute to Turner was also capture by fans in the arena on Wednesday night:


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