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Matthew Vaughn has discussed the possibility that he might direct a James Bond movie.

During a recent appearance on the Inside Total Film podcast, the Argylle director was asked if he would direct a film in the James Bond franchise.

“Never say never, but I doubt it very much” Matthew told interviewer Fay Watson. “I love Bond. Bond has been a huge influence on me as a human being, let alone as a director.”

Despite his interest in the franchise, Matthew theorised that he would not be offered an instalment because of differences with series producer Barbara Broccoli and her movie mogul family.

He lamented, “I think the Bond world is the Broccoli (family) world, and they’re the master of that domain, I can’t see them wanting me to be anywhere near it.”

In the action/comedy Argylle, released this month, Henry Cavill depicts a super-spy which Matthew derived from James Bond.

“(Henry Cavill as) a cliche super-spy is what I needed. And there is no one on this planet – if you read an Ian Fleming Bond book – that is better for Bond than Henry Cavill,” the director argued during the interview. “I knew him, he was really good in Man From Uncle, and look at him! He’s exactly what, deep down, you wish you could be.”

According to a logline, Argylle follows spy novelist Elly Conway (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) as she discovers her work-in-progress book mirrors real-world espionage events. On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has received an average rating of 5.0/10, with 35% of critics’ reviews spinning positive.


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