Mediaite’s sob story about John Fetterman gets roundly mocked – Twitchy


When Mediaite wrote an article about PA Senator John Fetterman feeling hurt by everybody making fun of him they may have thought that it might lead to some moments of reflection from Fetterman’s critics.

If so, boy were they wrong. Apparently people’s memories are longer than five minutes and they can remember how Fetterman has behaved as recently as two days ago, and they can remember how in the run-up to Fetterman’s election they were told that Fetterman was just dandy without a problem in the world.


Some people … errr, Gators can remember even further back to other incidents in Fetterman’s past.

Nobody seemed much in the mood to throw a pity party for the senator.

At the end of the day you can’t have it both ways, Senator. If you’re going to fling mud at everyone from your official Twitter account you can’t be surprised when mud gets flung back at you. Welcome to politics.

Although this may be more of a message for John’s wife Giselle, because nobody actually believes that Fetterman is the one running his official Senatorial Twitter account. Maybe they should talk every once in a while and get their strategy straightened out.


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