Military exercises to be held in Belarus, Ukraine boosts security on northern border


Military exercises will be held at training grounds in Belarus from 22 to 26 September, which is why Ukraine is increasing the security level on the border and preparing its forces for an adequate response.

Source: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus; comments from Lieutenant General Serhii Naiev, Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Quote from Belarusian Defence Ministry: “A bilateral comprehensive training exercise will be held in the Armed Forces of Belarus. The purpose of the training is to improve the level of readiness of the military command and control bodies of operational units to ensure continuous control of subordinate assets and personnel during the course of combat operations.”

Details: Manoeuvres will be held in several stages, from 22 to 26 September, at different ranges and areas, mainly in the Brest, Grodno and Minsk oblasts of Belarus.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defence stated that when developing the plan, the exercises will take into account “modern approaches to the use of troops based on the experience of modern armed conflicts.”

Naiev noted that since military exercises are continuing on the territory of Belarus, with five training grounds, aircraft and combined arms units involved, Ukraine is preparing to respond.

Quote: “This, of course, does not create a military threat, but there is a certain danger. Therefore, we, in turn, are strengthening [our] vigilance and preparing our forces for an adequate response. This is a common military practice.

We are managing the forces that are part of the stabilisation groups. If the threat increases, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will deploy additional forces.

This is simple military arithmetic: our forces should be of sufficient number, enough to neutralise the military threat.”

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