O-Trains back on track Sunday after experts fix ‘sparking’ issue


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Full O-Train service launched with seven trains Sunday morning after experts worked through the night to determine the cause of a “sparking” problem on a power support pole in the city’s east end.

The problems began when sparks were observed coming from a power box along the overhead catenary system, the electrical feed that powers the trains, near Cyrville Station

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Transit boss Renée Amilcar said in an earlier Saturday memo that OC Transpo rail operator had observed “sparks” from an overhead catenary system support pole between St-Laurent and Cyrville stations at about 11:30 p.m. on Friday.

The catenary system supplies power to the trains along the track.

On Saturday, passengers had to change trains at St. Laurent Station, and all service was moved to a single track in order to isolate the damaged site near of Cyrville Station.

Late Saturday, Transpo implemented R1 bus service between St. Laurent and Blair stations to isolate the trouble spot and allow Rideau Transit Maintenance to investigate further.

“Our Transit Engineering team will work closely with RTG (Rideau Transit Group) and with TRA (consultants Transportation Resource Associates) to complete a
thorough assessment of the affected infrastructure and to schedule the necessary repairs to permanently resolve the issue and allow the temporary isolation to be removed,” Transit boss Renée Amilcar said in an update to city council Sunday.

“A full investigation into the causes of this incident will continue to ensure that appropriate mitigations are in place,” Amilcar wrote.

Amilcar said “additional details and updates” will be brought to the next Transit Commission in March and Transpo will “ensure that representatives from RTG and TRA are in
attendance to help respond to any questions.”

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