OOF! Ted Cruz TRIGGERS Chris Murphy by Mocking Him AND His Crap Immigration Bill in Brutal Back and Forth – Twitchy


Well well well, whadd’ya know? Seems Ted Cruz was as unimpressed with Chris Murphy’s thread on his trash immigration bill as we were.

Maybe less so.

Allow us to refresh your memories … don’t worry, we won’t subject you to his entire thread. Murphy took to Twitter to somehow convince the masses that the bill he co-authored didn’t suck.

Sadly, we all know it does suck but that’s beside the point.

If you didn’t see his thread TRUST us, he does not make the legislation sound any better.

In fact, he made it sound even worse if that’s possible.

Enter Ted Cruz:

And gosh golly gee, most Americans would like the border to close.


Our economy would not DIE if we closed the border.

Bro, what the EFF?!

Hilarious reading Murphy whining about ‘bad actors.’

Sadly, Cruz has yet to respond to Murphy’s blubbering and babbling about how our economy will collapse without a bunch of illegal immigrants crossing over and taking advantage of our welfare systems or something like that. We did find this which we think addresses Murphy’s post:

Cruz will eventually slam Murphy, especially for that humdinger about how closing the border will kill our economy – we’ll keep you posted.



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