Owner Shows How ‘Challenging’ It Is to Do Anything With a Golden Retriever


With two golden retrievers at home, Lucy Marguglio is never short of laughter, but she’s also learned that it’s pretty impossible to do just about anything without being interrupted.

Whenever Marguglio has to do some work, clean the house, or even just get ready for the day, Xena and Finn the goldens usually have other plans and they simply have to get involved. In particular, four-year-old Finn loves to be part of just about everything his owners do, and although they love how excitable he gets, his constant interference isn’t always helpful.

Marguglio, from Orlando, Florida, told Newsweek that at times it “can be challenging” to get anything done with Finn around, but she’s still thankful for him every day, because “he adds a playful touch to even the less enjoyable tasks.”

In December, she shared a hilarious video on TikTok (@goldengirl_xena) about what it’s like “trying to do anything with a very needy golden retriever.” The clip showed Finn interfering when his owners put on their shoes, built furniture, or even just scrolled through their phones, and plenty of fellow dog owners could relate. At the time of writing, it had been viewed more than 113,500 times and gained over 11,500 likes.

Finn the very needy golden retriever who interferes with anything his owners try to do. Sometimes they have to give Finn a bone or a toy just to distract him temporarily.

@goldengirl_xena / TikTok

Marguglio continued: “Life with a clingy pup is both enjoyable and it keeps us occupied. We adore his personality and take pleasure in his constant companionship. His overflowing love and desire to be a part of every little thing that we do brings us immense joy. His antics keep us laughing and smiling.”

It’s no surprise that a golden like Finn can be clingy, as the American Kennel Club (AKC) suggests that the breed can be eager-to-please and maintain their puppy behavior throughout adulthood. In order to ensure a golden retriever gets sufficient mental stimulation, owners should give them ample daily exercise, whether that’s during a walk, a run, or playing endless games of fetch.

While they might get distracted easily and require constant attention, a golden is sure to brighten any owner’s day, as the AKC adds highlights that they want nothing more than to please their owners.

However helpful Finn may be, sometimes there are instances when Marguglio would prefer he didn’t get involved. In those cases, she explained that she “will offer him a new toy, chew bone, or even an interactive puzzle” to keep him occupied instead.

Since sharing the video of Finn’s antics, Marguglio has been delighted by the positive response she’s received online, as well as hearing from other owners who are used to having “no solo moments” as they deal with their own clingy dogs on a daily basis.

“We have had a lot of people telling us that they can relate to our video with Finn. We have heard so many stories of other clingy pups. Things like this really bring the dog community together even more,” Marguglio told Newsweek.

“We couldn’t ask for anything more than a dog that loves us so much he wants to be by our side at all times. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have Finn in our lives.”

With over 130 comments on the viral TikTok post, many people praised Finn for being so willing to help his owners with every single task they do. One comment reads: “I want these problems.”

Another TikTok user wrote: “That’s what makes them FABULOUS!”

While another commenter responded: “Okay, but I don’t want it any other way.”

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