Paul Mescal slams Andrew Tate as ‘toxic’ – Film News |


Paul Mescal has slammed online “influencers” like Andrew Tate as presenting a “toxic” version of masculinity.

The Normal People star, 27, has earned plaudits for his portrayals of sensitive characters in that series and the film Aftersun but will play a more traditional hero, Lucius Verus, in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator sequel.

Former kickboxer Tate shot to fame after gaining millions of followers on social media with his anti-feminist views and apparent luxurious lifestyle. However, he is facing human trafficking charges in Romania relating to the alleged coercion of women into online pornography.

Asked about Tate in an interview with The Sunday Times newspaper, Mescal says: “Jesus. It’s so dangerous. There is a version of masculinity that is toxic and ruined the world for the longest time and will continue to do so unless it’s put in check. Changing what it means to be a man isn’t an easy thing – there’s a lot of painful conversations to be had.”

The star is also critical of the world of online influencers in general – saying that creating “content” to chase followers lacks “integrity” and is not comparable to acting.

“Over the last few years people have been talking about films and TV shows as content,” he rages. “That’s a filthy word. It’s not ‘content’, it’s f**king work. I’m not being snobby, but there are two concurrent industries. One that works with a lack of care and artistic integrity. Go nuts, make stuff with Instagram followers as a factor, whatever … But the other is what’s always been there, the craft of film-making, directing, lighting and production design. That keeps artists alive. And audiences want to be challenged.”


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