Pet Goat Has Meltdown Because He Can’t Find Owner in Hilarious Clip


A goat called Herman has melted hearts on social media after a clip of him having a meltdown because he couldn’t find his owner went viral.

In the viral clip, shared on TikTok in August by the goat’s owner under the username @Nadiaviljoen4, the caprine sweetheart can be seen wandering around the house in a pajama vest, screaming in frustration while looking for his owner.

Herman continues his racket until he finally comes across his owner, who was calling him from the bedroom, trying to calm him down.

Stock image of a funny goat. A pet goat has gone viral for having a meltdown because he couldn’t find his owner.
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The hilarious post, which was quickly viewed by millions on social media, came with a caption that read: “When your goat can’t find you.”

If this video clip has made you want a goat of your own, what do you need to know? Well, goats are great pets if you are willing to work hard to keep them, and provide all the care and attention they need.

Before getting a pet goat you should check your local regulations to ensure goats can be kept within your city’s limits and if there are any restrictions regarding goat size or weight.

Then you should make sure you have enough space to let it roam free. “A miniature goat requires a minimum of approximately 135 square feet of romper room space; a standard goat needs twice that, with the square footage multiplied by the number of goats you have,” animal health resource website VetStreet previously wrote.

Moreover, goats need regular veterinary examinations and vaccinations throughout their lifetimes, and they are also very picky eaters.

“They don’t like to eat food if it has fallen on the floor or been soiled so all food must be fed off the ground in a manger.”

Herman quickly went viral on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. The video has so far received over 4.8 million views and 549,000 likes.

One user, Alejandro, commented: “Am I the only one looking at the artwork and the clown shoes??” And Maryam said: “Never knew I wanted a baby goat as my pet, thanks!”

Rob wrote: “Those screams sound like they are coming from the center of hell.” And HawiPowa added: “It’s a joke for us but for her is stress pure. felt so sorry… but happy when she found you.”

Newsweek reached out to Nadiaviljoen4 for comment via TikTok chat. We could not verify the details of the case.

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