Police taser school band director at US football game


A high school band director was stunned by police after refusing to end a show at a football stadium in Alabama.

Johnny Mims, 39, and his students were on their final number when police approached, telling Mr Mims to end the performance.

Bodycam footage released by police showed Mr Mims refusing to stop his musicians playing.

The video they released also contains text by Birmingham Police Department, which claimed an initial arrest attempt failed. Shortly after, Mr Mims was stunned in front of his students.

Mr Mims was treated at the stadium before being taken to a local hospital.

“Nothing we were doing at the time was being a danger to the community, fans or the school,” Mims told broadcaster NPR on Monday.

“Everyone was enjoying themselves. That’s the part I’m having a hard time grappling with,” he added.


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