Pregnant Woman and Dog Go for Ultrasounds Together to See Their ‘Babies’


Many parents regard the time they were pregnant to be among the most special in their lives.

One Finnish woman spent some of her time expecting in sync with her 3-year-old dog, Kikka, who recently gave birth to a set of eight puppies. The pet’s owner, 31-year-old Elina Purhonen from Helsinki, Finland, is 6 months pregnant with her second child.

Purhonen told Newsweek about her amusement at the bizarre coincidence that both she and her dog were pregnant at the same time.

Elina Purhonen and her dog Kikka. The pair were pregnant at the same time but Kikka gave birth recently, the owner told Newsweek.
Elina Purhonen

“Our 3-year-old dog Kikka was pregnant at the same time as me! She delivered eight beautiful puppies one week ago, three girls and five boys,” Elina Purhonen told Newsweek.

“I am currently 6 months pregnant with my second daughter. I live with my fiance, Pauli, and we have a 2-year-old daughter named Alexandra. Kikka is a cockapoo, so she is half-cocker spaniel and half-poodle,” Purhonen added.

Perhaps what has caused the family, and the internet, the most joy has been the fact that the pregnant pair sought out their ultrasound scans and X-rays on the very same day. The TikTok creator preserved the emotional day in a social-media video, which has gone viral since being shared to the platform on September 18. Purhonen’s scan revealed that she is expecting a baby girl for the second time.

“Kikka and I even had the doctors’ appointments on the very same day! I had an ultrasound scan to see my baby and then Kikka had an X-ray, where we saw her eight babies,” Purhonen said.

The creator added that she felt surprisingly comforted and supported while pregnant at the same time as her beloved pet.

“Kikka has been by my side the whole time of her pregnancy. She never left my side. I think she understood that we are both in the same situation,” Purhonen said. “It was truly an amazing time to share the pregnancy together, and I cannot wait for the puppies to be reunited with my baby when she is born.

“Kikka is best friends with our daughter, Alexandra, and I believe that her puppies will also be best friends with the new baby,” Purhonen added.

What Do the Comments Say?

Since it was shared to the social-media platform on September 18 by @pieceofellu, the TikTok post has been liked by over 157,000 users and commented on more than 370 times.

“That’s a lot babies,” one user wrote, while another added: “Truly bonded.”

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