Rescue Dog Has Relatable Reaction to Getting Out of Bed: ‘No Thanks’


When Becca Sim adopted her dog last year, she wasn’t sure how the energetic rescue would cope with city life. But as it turns out, the only problem they’ve had is trying to drag the lazy pup of bed.

When Pippa puts herself to bed in the evening, she hates being disturbed, especially when her owners try to force her to go outside one last time. The rescue dog certainly doesn’t mess around with her bedtime, so when Sim and her partner try to wake her up, she simply refuses to budge for ages, until they finally get her leash and suggest going out for a walk.

Sim, from Brisbane, Australia, told Newsweek that when they adopted Pippa, they were “told she was high energy,” but it seems she’s grown out of that pretty quickly. Instead of running around and causing mischief, Sim explained that Pippa would much prefer to be getting her beauty sleep and snoozing in bed. Who could blame her?

This has become a nightly routine for 22-year-old Sim, who posted the footage on her TikTok account (@beccasimx). The video instantly went viral with more than 593,100 views and 79,400 likes at the time of writing, as people loved the pup’s way of saying “no thanks, I’ll stay in bed with mom.”

Pippa the rescue dog as she refuses to get out of bed in the evening. Whenever her owners try to get her to go outside, Becca Sim and her partner have to coax her out…

@beccasimx / TikTok

Sim continued: “When we adopted Pippa, we were told she’s not used to city life, and they weren’t sure how she would get on living in an apartment. Obviously, we still took her in, and we knew straight away that she was cuddly and loving.

“Every night she gets really sleepy and loved to be cozy. This is her personality about 80 percent of the time, and only the other 20 percent she is playing with her friends or looking for lizards.”

Getting the perfect sleep can be a challenge, but most dogs are more than happy to give it their best shot. As explained by PetMD, dogs will sleep for around 12 hours a day, but puppies and older dogs may need to squeeze in a little more rest. When they’re not sleeping, dogs usually spend 30 percent of their day relaxing and hanging out, so it’s no surprise that Pippa is so exhausted by the end of each day.

When dogs are difficult to wake up, it’s worth keeping note of how often this happens and the context, because it could signal why they’re so unmotivated.

Some dogs are lazier than others, just like humans, so owners shouldn’t be too concerned if their pup is particularly sleepy. However, it’s vital to be alert and recognize any changes in their regular behavior. For example, PetMD notes that conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, and arthritis can affect their normal sleep routines.

Since sharing the video of how tired Pippa gets, Sim has loved showing people how rewarding it can be to adopt a pet. “I’m glad people get to see the loving dog that Pippa is, and I hope it inspires more people to adopt because they really are great,” she told Newsweek.

There’s been a hugely positive response to the video since going viral, as social media users can’t get over Pippa’s idleness. In just a matter of days, the post has amassed over 460 comments on TikTok, as one user wrote: “That baby found her place of peace. Let her be.”

Another comment reads: “Maybe her energy was stress and now she knows she is safe she is little nope! No thanks I’m staying put.”

While another TikToker responded: “She’s not even pretending to sleep.”

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