Rottweiler Teaching ‘Little Brother’ to Swim Wins Pet of the Week


Whether it’s the goldendoodle who had quite possibly the sassiest reaction ever to the sight of his own reflection or the cat who took a liking to a baby’s pacifier, pets continue to delight and amuse our readers.

So, if you happen to catch your pet doing something similarly adorable on camera, send it over to Newsweek, along with the details at the end of this story, and they could feature among the next lot of “Pet of the Week” winners.


George gives Charlie a gentle nudge. The Rottweiler’s approach to swimming lessons did the trick.

Tonya Fainter

This week’s winner is George, the 2-year-old Rottweiler. George lives in Bellevue, New England, with his owner Tonya Fainter and his younger canine sibling Charlie, who is a golden retriever.

From the moment Charlie arrived as a tiny puppy, George has taken a keen interest in him. Fainter told Newsweek that the pair have a “typical big brother and little brother” relationship. Though this can sometimes manifest itself in Charlie “bugging” George from time to time, there have been plenty of beautiful moments along the way. One was when, back in September of last year, George’s direct approach to teaching Charlie how to swim paid off. It was a moment Fainter was fortunate enough to capture on camera.

“George is a great big brother to Charlie and teaches him so many things,” Fainter said. “Charlie adores his big brother and always wants to do everything George does. He sits where he sits, plays with what he plays with and goes where he goes.”

Fainter added that George really helped Charlie develop the confidence he needed to swim on his own. “After the video Charlie started jumping in the pool on his own and absolutely loves swimming!”


Hewy the cat watches horses on TV.
Hewy the cat watches horses on TV. The playful feline loves watching animals on YouTube as well.

Jody Rausch

Our first finalist is Hewy the cat, who is due to turn 3 this month. His owner Jody Rausch told Newsweek Hewy has, like many cats, always taken a keen interest in television and will happily play “fish and bird games” on the box when he gets the opportunity.

More recently though, Rausch said Hewy has taken a shine to videos of horses. “I was watching Free Spirit Equestrian on YouTube and two ponies were playing in the snow,” Rausch added. “Then, all of a sudden here comes Hewy, who proceeds to jump in front of the TV and chase the ponies. I sent the pic to the woman who runs Free Spirit Equestrian and she laughed and loved this pic also.”

Dutch the great dane poses for picture.
Dutch the great Dane at home. Karla ranks her dog’s “sense of humor” among his best qualities.

Karla Schilling

Next up, we have Dutch, the 6-year-old great Dane, who lives with Karla Schilling near Wichita in Kansas. “I adopted Dutch through a rescue group called Save Rocky Great Dane rescue group based in the Houston area,” Schilling told Newsweek. “His favorite things are me, grandma and grandpa, peanut butter, and riding in the car.”

A gentle giant of a dog, Schilling said she ranks Dutch’s “loyalty, excitement, joy about everything in life and sense of humor” as being his best qualities. “He’s also an excellent sleeper,” she added.

Blueberry the budgie strikes a pose.
Blueberry the budgie strikes a pose. It never fails to make his owner Mia Beatrice laugh.

Mia Beatrice.

Finally, this week, there’s Blueberry, the budgie with attitude who lives with his owner Mia Beatrice in Scripps. “I got him in 2020 during the pandemic and he is 2 years old,” Beatrice told Newsweek. “He loves to go on his swing and play with cardboard. The best thing about him is that, whenever I am sad, he gives me an angry look, and I crack up!” It really is quite a look.

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet you want to share? Send them to [email protected] with some details about your best friend, and they could appear in our Pet of the Week lineup.