Shock as Possum Found Living Behind Photo Frame: ‘Precious Baby’


A social media video of a TikTok user reacting to a possum that was secretly living in their house has stunned viewers across the internet. The viral video captured the moment when the homeowner lifted up a photo frame that had been nailed to the wall, only to find a large hole in the wood paneling behind it and a possum creeping through the gaping crack.

It’s safe to say that the video’s creator was displeased to find the hidden lodger, as they can be heard telling the possum to “stop chewing [their] wall,” in a quirky voiceover narration.

Possums are a suborder of 70 tree-living marsupial species native to Australia and the Indonesian islands of New Guinea and Sulawesi, the National Geographic writes online.

“While some species, like the common brushtail possum, are doing well, many possum species are in danger of extinction,” the National Geographic writes on its website.

“Thanks to fires, logging, and climate change, the fairy possum, or Leadbeater’s possum, is considered critically endangered.”

“Just in Australia, up to one-quarter of the country’s 27 species of possums and gliders are listed as threatened,” the wildlife and nature publication adds.

What Do the Comments Say?

Since it was shared to the social media platform on August 11 by @DylBounk, the TikTok post has been viewed by over 3.5 million users, and has inspired its creator to create a series of videos about the life of the possum who they’ve now called Glenda.

The post, which can be seen here, has also received more than 493,000 likes and has been commented on more than 2,500 times. Plenty of TikTok users have gushed over how “cute” they found the secret possum in the post’s comments section.

“That is the cutest possum I’ve ever seen. The possums by my house look like enormous rats. He’s fancy,” one user wrote.

Another user added: “His little snoot poking out of the floor. I’m sorry but this is adorable.”

A stock image of a possum. A viral video of a possum hiding in a man’s wall has stunned audiences online.
Getty Images

“His little head going back in when you put the frame down,” shared a third user.

A different TikTok user commenter: “That lil’ face.”

“He’s so cute though,” wrote another user.

“What a precious baby, from a distance, a far, far distance,” said another user.

Newsweek reached out to @DylBounk for comment via TikTok.

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