‘Stay in your lane’ – New York Taxi Workers Union Weighs in on Israel/Gaza Conflict – Twitchy


BREAKING: Paperclip workers unite to condemn new oil pipeline! Too absurd to be true? Maybe. It is made up, but this is not.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance has a long winded but Very Important message on the Hamas / Israel conflict. Apparently once you get elected to union leadership you enter a sacred sisterhood with oppressed peoples of the World (insert fist emoji here).

“apartheid”, “open air prison”

Serious cut and paste energy there, New York Taxi Workers. Maybe your true strength is to represent, oh we don’t know, taxi drivers rather than fighting the power in a Middle Eastern conflict?

Honestly, it reminds us of the HOA president who secretly believes she’s Fidel Castro in heels.

Just for giggles, read the entire thread.

But for real laughs, read the responses.

Sorry, we don’t ride Uber until they clarify their position of the top tax rate on capital gains.


Somewhere in Tel Aviv, a military strategist is wondering if there’s a shortcut to Penn Station that will avoid road construction.

Because they’re really bad tippers in Gaza City?

Sorry, but our struggle for world peace is more important than doing our job. See also, San Francisco.

The visual alone is worth the price.

Just perfect. Drop us off at the corner over there. Thanks.


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